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What is in the Skinny Pill 5-In-1?

The Skinny Pill - 5 Capsules in 1!

    Why use the Skinny Pill 5 in 1? How is it different from other documented weight loss aids? This is the first weight loss aid like this that has ever been offered before.

    There are few actions you can take in your life that will offer more benefits that having and maintaining the proper weight. Having the correct weight will improve your life in more ways than you can count - from self image to how others treat you to your health. But for some people, weight control is a real challenge, particularly with modern diets.

    You've seen the ads on TV and the Internet for diet and weight loss aids. Each promises fantastic results, citing studies to back up those claims. But do they really work? WHICH ONE should YOU take?

    Each offers their benefits, but each also is lacking as each one tends to focus on only ONE aspect of weight loss and control. One may work for one person, but not another, as their weight management issues and needs may be different. It is extremely frustrating to try ONE weight loss aid - only two months later to learn it isn't working for you - to then start over with another and then another. People get discouraged by this and give up, which is VERY easy to do when trying to lose weight. But the main problem is trying to rely upon ONE answer. Its no different than trying to make a good health out of only 1 ingredient. I can't be done.

    The BEST diet and weight loss aid must accomplish many goals at the same time. It will suppress appetite. Burn calories. Block fat accumulation. Prevent excessive water retention. Avoid muscle loss. Increase your energy level. Avoid bone and metabolic active loss. It must be safe. AND IT MUST WORK.

    Guardian Of Eden has just released its NEW SKINNY PILL - 5 in 1. No other company has ever offered anything like it. It combines key ingredients of EACH of the FIVE most praised, highly rated, studied and reviewed weight loss aids - all in ONE capsule. Unlike nearly all other capsules and pills, there are NO FILLERS. Rather, it is 100% ONLY the working ingredients - allowing tremendous actual beneficial contents in just ONE capsule.


    The Skinny Pill 5-in-1 does not merely save you the money of having to buy FIVE different weight loss aids and taking all of them. It also offers an excellent BALANCE of the FIVE - providing the benefits of all FIVE in a balanced way in which each compliments the others and fills the shortcomings of a single purpose weight loss aid.

If the rich and famous can do it, if MILLIONS of people can do it, SO CAN YOU! We are the experts and we can help you SUCCEED!



    Losing weight does take commitment. You have to WANT to lose weight and COMMIT to doing so. But doing so is absolutely worth the effort. Starting is the hardest part. Then the pattern sets in and it becomes easier. Finally, it becomes routine. NO ONE EVER has regretted getting their weight under control. Those who do are amazed and shocked how much their life improves - externally toward others and internally towards themselves - when they can look in the mirror and like what they see.

    YES, YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LIFE, YOUR OWN BODY AND YOUR WEIGHT. G.O.E.'s new extraordinary Skinny Pill 5 in 1 is the greatest and most diverse weight loss aid ever offered.

    Give it a try! Plus if you do, during this introductory special you not only get a greatly reduced price, we'll also give you a FREE bonus that will both burn off the calories AND given you a MOUNTAIN of energy you haven't had since your youth.

You can do it! You're worth it.


    If it was free they would NOT be asking for your credit/ATM card, would they? They CLAIM the reason is so you only pay $4.95 shipping. BUT READ THE FINE PRINT! They are going to take $60, $80, $100 a month out of your bank account EVERY month! As much as $1000 in a year - for your "FREE" offer. And for a SINGLE INGREDIENT PRODUCT at HUGE price increases. It's a trick falsely using the word "FREE."

    It is almost impossible to stop their taking money from you every month. Try to find a phone number on their website to cancel and there isn't one. Send an email and they ignore it. Your bank now is maybe charging you overdraft fees too. About the only way to stop it is to literally close your bank account and you NEVER get the money they stole back. It's a nightmare!

    We are offering you an extraordinary set of proven rapid weight lost products by the most respected company at a HUGE discount with this SHORT TIME super sale. There are NO secret suprise charges of any kind. If you want more, order more - but you probably won't need to BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE SUCCEEDED!

The Skinny Pill 5 in 1

    Guardian Of Eden's all new Skinny Pill 5 in 1 is the most advanced and effective rapid weight lose aid that actually works.

    It is not just 1 way to lose weight fast, but 5 ways! This POTENT combination makes it so fast & effective!

    G.O.E. is one of the most advanced and respected companies in the health market.

    The Skinny Pill 5 in 1 is brand new ONLY by Guardian Of Eden.

Just one of thousands of testimonials

    "I was an actress with a growing career in movies and television, but I kept gaining more weight. I lost that acting career no longer being what they call height to weight proportional in the acting industry. I couldn't stand to look at myself in a mirror.

    My life was falling apart professionally and in relationships. I tried many diets and products but I always only ended up gaining more weight. Then I discovered Guardian Of Eden. It worked and I lost the weight quickly. I got the life I want back! Thank you!!!!
Tonya J, Los Angeles, CA
    Nothing more positively affects your life than your appearance. The fact is people do judge other people on how they look. Studies also have shown that you even judge yourself by how you look.

    Being proper weight not only benefits your health, but also greatly benefits you in relationships, in career and most important of all - your self respect. How can others love you if you don't love yourself?

    Guardian Of Eden is THE premier health and wellness supplier to the rich and famous. Their cutting-edge custom rapid weight lose sets are famous and usually very expensive. Price do not matter to the wealthy and actors. But during this super sale they are as much as 67% off plus valuable free extras so this is your chance to finally obtain your weight loss goal too.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DETAIL! We hand deliver to the U.S. Post Office every day, Monday thru Friday except Post Office holidays. This alone saves 1 to 2 days pick up time. Orders placed at night or on weekends are processed THE NEXT day and mailed priority mail to you that day. So you have your order 2 to 3 post office days later. You may not know it, but most products ordered on TV or online from pop-up ads take many weeks to arrive. They are just marketing companies and wait until they have all the orders, and then have the product made by a 3rd party who eventually will ship it. We RUSH your order to you because we understand this is IMPORTANT to you.

The Ingredients of Guardian Of Eden's Skinny Pill 5 in 1

Lipozine is owned by and a registered trademark of Obesity Research Institute, LLC, has been used by millions of people and many people swear by it. Tens of millions have been sold and it remains a top seller.

To learn more about it, click here.
Garcinia Cambogia is the latest new all natural weight loss aid, most known for its promotion by Dr. Oz. He was literally called before the US Congress to testify about it and he stood his ground on the topic. Many people praise it for their weight loss success.

To learn more about it, click here
Hydroxycut is owned by and is a registered trademark of Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. and has been around for many years. It may be the most popular weight loss aid of modern times.

To learn more about it, click here.
The Acai Berry is an all natural ingredient extensively discussed on TV, radio and the Internet, one of the best natural supplements for weight loss. It is the most popular all natural weight loss aid.

To learn more about it, click here.
Glucosamine Hydrochloride is the complex substance 2-amino-2-deoxy-D-[UL 13C6] glucose hydrochloride that functions as a key gap-filler in a weight loss program rarely found in any weight loss product. It provides critical balancing and overall support of your weight loss program.

To learn more about it, click here.

    Are you ready to take control of your life? You will never regret doing so. The #1 complaint most people have of their self image is excess weight. No, it is not in your genetics. It is largely due to all the junk and inducements put into processed foods plus life style. The Skinny Pill 5 in 1 provides the powerful supports you need to succeed - and you will.

     Everyone who loses weight never regrets it and the comments people tell their story. The comment that most explained it was the person who said, "I looked in the mirror and fell in love with myself for the first time. I have loved other people before, but never myself."

    Rather than guessing which one works for you, Guardian Of Eden has eliminated all the worthless fillers most companies use to just fill the capsule, and put key ingredients from 5 of the most popular, studies, praised and proven weight loss aids into one capsule. You only take 2 a day - one in the morning and one at night.

    Try it for yourself. For this introduction we've cut the price more than 50% AND will give you a wonderfully helpful bonus to try it for yourself. We WANT you to succeed! You can do it this time.

Guardian Of Eden's
Lose 1 to 2 pounds a day!

*Our complete program will not only strip off the pounds without grueling exercises but even reshape your body to give you that AWESOME figure and physique you deserve!

*Our COMPLETE program goes beyond what anyone else offers online in a FIVE PART program for absolutely the most powerful & FASTEST weight loss program ever developed!

* No trying just one thing - failing - trying another - failing - over and over again. That would dishearten you and causes you to give up. This is the total effort complete package!

*No harmful side effects. In fact, the program is GREAT for your health!

"I'm short (5' 1") and even prescriptions failed as I hit 189 lbs. Seriously, I had over half a dozen prescriptions I was taking! I tried everything. The fake free trial offers. All they did was rip off my bank account. The stuff sold on TV. Nothing worked.

Friends avoided me. I previously was in movies and commercials but they stopped calling. I was frantic and becoming reclusive. One day I bumped across a modeling friend I had not seen for years. She was shocked at how terrible I looked. I aske her how she did it? She told me about Guardian Of Eden.

Guardian Of Eden changed everything. I lost NINE dress sizes and went down to 117 pounds. It completely turned my life around. If I could do it, so can you. You don't have to be a teenager to have a GREAT body." -Sherri

The BEST thing about losing weight is you feel great!

You do't just feel super great physically. You feel great about yourself!

SELF CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING! Start to WANT to look in a mirror.

Want to be loved? First you have to love yourself!
You do not have to be a teenager to be sleek & beautiful!

They could do it, so can you! This complete package makes it possible!

Comment of a New York Model Agency Manager

"For nearly 30 years, people have sent amatuer photographs of themselves hoping to break into the industry. Candidly I don't care about the quality of the photography. We take care of that. Most believe we are looking for the right face. But nearly everyone has an attractive and marekable face. What they see as flaws are usually desirable traits giving unique personality addressed with professional makeup.

    The industry is not looking for young center-fold models either. Those are a dime a dozen. What is hot now is older models and even senior models male and female.

    What we can not fix is a poor physique. Photoshop does not solve a poor body because models also do video and film work, which tends to make a person look heavier.
90% of the people we will not even interview did not even make the first step because of their body, not their face."

The #1 challenge to virtual all models is weight contral as they age

    Do not let ANYONE talk you into believing you were born to be overweight, or it is just in your genetics or that it does not matter. Most of all do not try to talk yourself out of what you know. Over 60% of adults confess they are very unhappy with how much they weigh. We are offering you the same tools and method the pros use.

    The TRUTH is whether you want to lose 10 pounds, 30 pounds, 50 pounds or 100 pounds (or more), you can do it. Millions of people do. Virtually all actors and models do. You can do it! The 5in1 Skinny Pill can add that extra you need to succeed! FREE with your HCG ORDER - TEMPORARY FREE BONUS!

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