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This is our return policy...

If you change your mind you must refuse the package. This is for customer quality control. We could not assure the contents otherwise. Email us ASAP if you change your mind.

Also email us immediately if you think you may have a mistaken address. We can not reroute most shipments or post office packages.

I think you will agree why and it should make you feel more comfortable buying from us for it

We would have no way of knowing for absolute certain what was in the bottle when it came back. We don't know how it was stored. We don't know the people who had it. If some was used maybe the water put in to make up the difference. We don't know if it was stored in a really hot location. Maybe it was used for lab experiments and they don't need it anymore so put it back in the bottle. Maybe their kids played with it and then not to be caught put water in it to make up for the lose.

Many parents won't even let their children go trick or treating around the neighbor to anyone who is a stranger for no knowing what they might have put in the candy. There's some really rotten people out there. Would you give your child candy that had been shipped around the country to people you never met and then back to a company and then shipped to you for your children to eat? Its the same thing.

If we took it back and then sold it to someone else, there would be no quality control whatsoever. How would you like it if we were selling you something you are using for health, maybe going to dilute and swallow, and you didn't know that already had gone to the other side of the country, who knows what was done to it by people we don't know at all, we have no way of knowing what it is in anymore, and then came back - and now we're reselling it to you?

I would be furious if someone did that to me! Really, that would make me very, very angry!

Besides, it would be super illegal for us to resell it after it had left our control!

I suppose there are people who would do that. I wouldn't buy anything I was going to put in my mouth from them.

We don't accept returns because all we could do with it is to throw it away.

What does this mean really? It means that you can be absolutely, 100% certain that what you get from us is exactly what  you bought. Always. 100% of the time.


We have to rely on YOU to give US a good delivery address. We do understand that people make mistakes entering their address - I've done that myself - but then I had to pay an expenses involved in my mistake.

ALL shipping companies charges a HEFTY fee for us to reroute a package (usually $10) if done BEFORE a delivery attempt. We ship within 24 hours (so often sooner) so you MUST inform us of an error in your address VERY quickly.

Worse, if a shipment comes back to us because we were given an inaccurate shipping address or no one was there for it, we are charged 200% the shipping charge PLUS fees for attempted delivery. SO if you gave us a wrong address, we are charged about 220% the original shipping fee. Often this equals nearly your entire purchase price.

We accept full responsibility for any errors on our part for any shipping or order errors. However, you will be charged the actual cost of shipping returns or rerouting if it was your error. So again, PLEASE make certain you have given us your CURRENT ACCURATE shipping address. When we do refunds on returns due to a bad address we will deduct our ACTUAL shipping costs, which will be higher than the original shipping charge on your order usually by more than double.

Again, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you are giving us a current, accurate delivery address at the time of your purchase AND if you made a mistake correct it ASAP!



Return Policy:
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Thank you again.

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