Certified 35% Food Grade
Hydrogen Peroxide from Celeste'

  Produced in accordance with Food  Chemical Codex standards and the United States Department of Agriculture sampling.

What is TRUE, certified
35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Scroll down to read why FOOD GRADE is the only quality to use & useful other information.
Shipping Restrictions
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We can ONLY ship to the lower 48 Continental United States to a physical address.

There are many restrictions on shipping hydrogen peroxide:

We cannot ship to a P.O. Box.
We cannot ship to a military base.
We cannot ship to a government facility.


LARGE ORDERS (2 gallons or more) ARE shipped delivery confirmation. Someone will have to sign for the order.


We have to rely on YOU to give US a good delivery address. We do understand that people make mistakes entering their address - I've done that myself - but then I had to pay an expenses involved in my mistake.

ALL shipping companies charges a HEFTY fee for us to reroute a package (usually $10) if done BEFORE a delivery attempt. We usually ship within 24 hours (so often sooner) so you MUST inform us of an error in your address VERY quickly. CALL US. Don't just rely on an email.

Worse, if a shipment comes back to us because we were given an inaccurate shipping address or no one was there for it, we are charged 200% the shipping charge PLUS fees for attempted delivery. SO if you gave us a wrong address, we are charged about 220% the original shipping fee. Often this equals nearly your entire purchase price.

We accept full responsibility for any errors on our part for any shipping or order errors. However, you will be charged the actual cost of shipping returns or rerouting if it was your error. So again, PLEASE make certain you have given us your CURRENT ACCURATE shipping address. When we do refunds on returns due to a bad address we will deduct our ACTUAL shipping costs, which will be higher than the original shipping charge on your order usually by more than double.

Again, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you are giving us a current, accurate delivery address at the time of your purchase AND if you made a mistake correct it ASAP!

YES you can have wondrously joyful life! Don’t let burdens and negative words from others get you down and control you. Realize the true beauty to be alive and of a free spirit. I hope you share in your own discoveries of self fulfillment and inner peace. This is the key to true health and success!

All my best wishes,


  Your order for 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is shipped FAST and with truthful low prices. No tricks.

With increasing shipping costs, the latest trick of some Internet sellers is to mark up prices 200% to 300% - and then claim to be offering FREE SHIPPING. They hope you are too busy to actually price shop the total price because they are charging MUCH more overall. 
We are among the many ESTABLISHED legitimate companies that do not use  the free shipping marketing deception. Price shop and do the math. If they will try to trick people on prices, how can you trust the quality of what they are shipping?
 (Just FYI - Typical offers of Free Shipping have a MUCH higher total price.)

PLEASE BEWARE! ANY company offering "free shipping" or that does NOT charge a HAZMAT fee is NOT selling or shipping 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Also, any company mailing their orders is NOT selling the real thing. They are frauds with good sounding fake company names selling very harmful junk out of houses and apartments. Please beware.
This is a particular problem now with Amazon. WARNING ABOUT AMAZON! You also should be aware that NO advertisements for 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide being offered on Amazon are truthful. They are NOT selling 35% and are NOT selling Food Grade. 
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While everyone is raising their prices - we are lowering ours! We know times are tough on everyone so hopefully this help. We did not raise our prices before this discount like so many do. On THIS page, all prices are discounted 15%.
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There is a reason over 100,000 people, clinics and health providers order ONLY from Celeste'.

(You may want to read our
"ABOUT US" page - its nice to know something about who you are interacting with online. Our other info links also might be interesting.)

Our 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is manufactured in accordance with the Food Chemical Codex in Quart to Gallon sizes. for food grade hydrogen peroxide for both purity and concentration. Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide is not an F.D.A. regulated chemical.

There are ZERO toxins in true CERTIFIED Hydrogen Peroxide, only pure oxygen to be released. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is proven for for health, cleansing and purification properties. We offer 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide that was sampled and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for your safety and for your health benefits.

We are NOT affiliate sellers or virtual marketers. We have your order in stock for IMMEDIATELY shipping. There are NO middleman delays, issues of quality or free-shipping markup tricks.

FREE WITH EVERY ORDER! A pocket size blue cobalt glass dropper bottle is included free with each bottle - not just each order.

We also send full usage information for Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide with each other.
SHIPPING: We cannot ship to a P.O. Box or outside the 48 lower continental United States.

YES you can have wondrously joyful life! Don’t let burdens and negative words from others get you down and control you. Realize the true beauty to be alive and of a free spirit. I hope you share in your own discoveries of self fulfillment and inner peace. This is the key to true health and success!

All my best wishes,



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PLEASE READ: The statements on this website and products have not been reviewed or approved by the F.D.A. The statements on this website and the products are not meant to diagnose or cure any disease or illness. You should speak to your licensed professional health care provider or doctor before using any substance or product for any internal or personal decision health care. Improper handling and usage of hydrogen peroxide may cause serious injury or death.  

Thank you again.


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